Industrial Services

The Implementation of EC Directives which regulate and monitor environmental safety, included the introduction of increasingly severe hygiene norms and the respect of high performance levels for coatings applied in industrial environments which treat and process foodstuffs.

The hygiene requirements regarding food safety require that specific materials are used for surfaces in food and drink processing and packaging areas.

In commercial food preparation and processing environments, it is imperative that the floors are hygienic, food safe, easy to clean, resilient, hard-wearing and slip-resistant. Depending on the operations, the flooring may also need to be chemically resistant and withstand impact and traffic from trolleys, forklifts and HGVs.

A complete range of Epoxy, Polyurethane and Polyurethane-Cement products, comprising a series of coatings; designed specifically for use in the food industry is available in compliance with legal requirements regarding hygiene and safety within areas used for processing and packaging foodstuffs.

Each client product will depend on the project specific requirements and what you can achieve within your budget. When deciding on the correct product for you, previous customers have taken into consideration the best floor possible with low-maintenance over the projected life span of the project; whilst others have requested a more economical system with the knowledge it will need recoating after a number of years.